24 hour media diary

Hello! I decided to document my media consumption for Saturday as I was off of work this day and found myself using the media a lot.

8am- Today I woke up around 8am and I firstly check my phone. I know this is a terrible habit and I am trying to work on it but, ultimately this is what I do everyday. I first check my messages, then go on Twitter to scroll current events and news.

9am- While taking my dog on a walk, I listen to Spotify. I usually just play songs from my ‘liked’ playlist. While at the dog park I sit on a bench and scroll Twitter some more and go on Instagram for the first time today. I scroll my feed and like a few friends posts, and then scroll the explore page. I went on my Amazon app to buy cowboy boots for a friends birthday party next week.

10-12pm- While getting ready I continue to listen to Spotify and look for interesting videos to watch on Youtube. I usually just scroll my subscribers page and wait to see if there’s anything interesting.

12pm- My friend and I meet up for lunch and we start looking through our camera rolls. While talking about a trip we had last year we look at the photos and videos from it. We then went to the mall and I hardly used my phone during this time. Only looked at it to check text messages.

4pm- I got back home and started cleaning my apartment. I put on Spotify and listen to a few podcasts while I’m doing this. First I listen to ‘What to Know About The Covid Lab Leak Theory’.

I’ve been trying to understand this theory a lot recently as I remember when people first started saying it I thought that they were absolutely crazy that they could think that way. Now, I’m not so sure so I’m trying to collect information from many different sources.
While listening to these I’m doing mind numbing things like playing ‘Candy Crush’, cleaning my apartment, taking my dog out, etc.

7pm- While eating dinner I’m finishing the second season of HBO Max’s The White Lotus while eating dinner. I check my phone for text messages during this time.

10pm- While laying in bed I aimlessly scroll through many social media sites like TikTok, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram. I watch a lot of Tik Tok’s and can understand that Tik Tok can be a cesspool for misinformation so I try to take a lot of videos with a grain of salt. I am also aware of the algorithm and know that I’m only being shown what the platform wants to show me, what it thinks I’ll enjoy. Sometimes when I spend too much time watching a certain video I get worried that it’ll mess with my algorithm. I stay up for hours doing this because it won’t allow my brain to shut off. I need to put my phone in another room when it’s time to go to sleep.

The most credible sources would be some of the news sites that I look at on Twitter, coming from credible journalists and their tweets. I read a few articles throughout the day. I discovered that I am constantly on my phone, mainly scrolling Twitter.






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