Misinformation Education Creation Activity

Ever since the spread of Covid-19 in the beginning of 2020, we have been a witness to many forms of medical misinformation. The spread of this misinformation can be very dangerous and risky for those at high risk of contracting Covid. In 2021, thanks to medical doctors and scientific researchers, the first bath of Covid-19 vaccinations became available to eligible individuals. These vaccinations have been the topic of many controversies and conspiracy theories, especially among right wing individuals. These vaccinations became a widely debated topic and became a joke among those refusing to get vaccinated.

The truth is these anti vaxxers are spreading hurtful medical misinformation and it’s easy to quickly find the truth online. There are online rumors that the vaccination is actually a GPS tracking microchip that once implemented is used to track individual citizens. People have spread the rumor that the vaccine is a microchip that uses 5G technology and cell towers to track individuals. This article is from an official government website that explains an explanation for why this conspiracy theory is wrong. It provides many sources and medical reasoning for why the vaccinations are not actually microchips.


When trying to find information about this vaccination, it’s important to look for official government websites and articles and explanations from actual medical officials. This rumor has easily spread throughout social media sites such as Facebook with no medical evidence at all to prove it’s true. Having media literacy is very important when trying to educate yourself on medical information. Below are some sources from medical professionals debunking any crazy conspiracy theory about the covid and the vaccination.









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