Using the trust indicators

-Journalist info: Gives a bio on journalist. History of democratic leaning and politics.

-Labels: Has a clear purpose, isn’t sponsored. Purpose is to talk about republicans and how they are losing followers.

-References: Able to clearly find and locate sources. Gives statistics

-Local: Journalists wasn’t on the scene. Journalist isn’t from Tennessee.

-Diverse voices: Talks in detail about Gen Z and how this and school shootings has affected them.

-Actionable feedback: News site doesn’t allow feedback from the public.

-Methods: Journalist did research on Gen Z and school shootings, provided statistics.

-Best practices: AZ mirror has many credible journalists writing news stories for them. Seem to be a credible and serious news site.

The AZ mirror does seem to be credible and this article seems to have passed the trust indicators. The only issue that I could find with this article is that the journalist does seem to have a political bias towards democrats. According to her bio, she was a former democratic candidate for Pennsylvania legislature. This somewhat affects the credibility of the article because it can be said that she is pushing her own personal beliefs over facts. The thing that saves it is that she provides ample resources and statistics in her article. I believe this article is trustworthy.

-Journalist info: Corinne Murdock, website has bio.

Labels: Isn’t sponsored

References: Provides links to sources

References: Able to find sources, accurate links

Local: The journalist is local in AZ.

Diverse voices: No diverse voices.

Actionable feedback: News site doesn’t allow feedback from the public.

Methods: Did provide sources but very one sided.

Best practices: AZ free news doesn’t seem to be credible.

The journalist, Corinne Murdock has a right wing history. When looking on the news site, I see many articles with right wing leaning and politics. Everything that you hear about in the right wing news cycle, they have also written articles on. I really didn’t see any articles from a left wing perspective. I don’t believe that this news site in general passes the trust indicators so it’s hard for me to pass this article as well.






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